David Cordeau


David has seen thousands of miracles and now ushers believers into the supernatural through his fast-track coaching program.

Coach David pastored for 33 years, has been on 39 mission trips, and pioneered five churches.

During that time, he engaged in years of theological study and longed for practical miraculous results, but found few. He became desperate. This moved him to pray heavily and embark on many long fasts over several years. The Lord revealed powerful but simple truths which equipped him to lead many into the deep things of God.

As a guest on the international Sid Roth program, he shared his many near-death experiences in the Vietnam war as well as worldwide miracles and angelic encounters. Now, David coaches and imparts spiritual gifts to those who desire to see the Bible confirmed with signs following.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Coach David to help you transition into a ministry:

  • REPUTABLE – Coach David has been around since 1989, a respected leader in his field and community.
  • EXPERIENCED – Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who put their trust in us year after year.
  • INTEGRITY  Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose. We don’t believe in cutting corners. The foundation of our reputation is our commitment to do the right thing at all times, regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • RESOURCES  We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE  All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

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  • Mentoring by a true spiritual father
  • Deep Biblical Revelation Imparted
  • Trained to See in the Supernatural Realm
  • Instructed In Open Visions and Flash Visions
  • Invitation to Minister Along Side David

What People Are Saying:

Shannon Critelli
Ruby, NY

"David was preaching a healing service. I planned on going up for healing. My body was riddled with arthritis. Right before he had people come up for healing, he had everyone check their hearts for unforgiveness. I began to think of those that had hurt me and realized that I had forgiven everyone. The Holy Spirit then asked me if I had forgiven myself. At that moment I realized that I had self-condemnation. I blamed myself for the things that had happened over the years. In that moment I laid it all at the feet of Jesus. I went up and when David laid his hand on my forehead it felt like electricity surged through my whole body and I was healed! Hallelujah!"

Tammy Cozza
Kingston, NY

"Being under David's teaching has given me the revelation knowledge that we are spiritual beings that live in a body. He teaches God's word and makes it alive so that you understand its meaning and how to use it in your own life. He has taught me that when you meditate on God's word you begin to get revelation of His word and then it turns into manifestation. He teaches us to put it into practice and to use it to help others. Knowing the truth of God's word is extremely important and having a mentor who knows the truth of God's word and teaches it is also very important. I praise God for allowing me to be under David's teaching because I wouldn't be the Christian woman that I am today without it. God bless."

Pastor Derick Ingle
Higher Praise Church of God, Chatsworth, GA

"My wife and I prayed earnestly for covering and mentor-ship; the Lord sent David Cordeau prophetically and apostolically into our lives. Since that time God has released great anointing and love into our lives for healing and deliverance that continues to grow under proper mentor-ship and covering. God is increasing the borders of how we preach and teach the Gospel through demonstration."

Lois Saff
Shokan, NY

"David’s teaching is a direct path to the supernatural. These lessons will change everything you thought you knew about the power of God on earth. I’ve been a believer my entire life, but I have never experienced this level of revelation until seeing God work through a humble servant. David's faith will raise yours higher. The solid biblical foundation each concept is based on will give you roots to grow in the promises of God."

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